Temples in Thailand

The temples in Thailand are some of the most impressive things about this popular destination. While many vacations here include delicious cuisine, pristine beaches, and scuba diving adventures, there is also a rich heritage that is worth ..

Bangkok Cultural Attractions

Bangkok has always been a city of cultural diversity, and that has long been reflected through a wide range of performing arts and entertainment, from the traditional 'Khon' (classical masked dance) and 'Likay' (Thai folk dance), to the glitz and ..

Thailand boxing tour

Thai Boxing Show in Phuket

Thai Boxing Show in Phuket (1 Days / 0 Nights)

Destination :

Muay Thai – the ancient art of Thai boxing – is fascinating to watch. This sport involves every part of the body and fighters train long ..

Thai Boxing in Bangkok (Muay Thai)

Thai Boxing in Bangkok (Muay Thai) (1 Days / 0 Nights)

Destination :

The vicious styles of Thai boxing, which utilizes almost every part of the body to fend off an opponent, is what makes the sport unique from world ..

Fair tex muay Thai training camp

Fair tex muay Thai training camp (1 Days / 0 Nights)

Destination :

Located on the outskirts of Bangkok Fairtex is the most famous name in Thai boxing. Learn or improve your skills by training with ex Muay Thai ..

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Thai boxing live

Thai boxing live (1 Days / 0 Nights)

Destination : Thailand

Take a ringside seat for exciting Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) fights at 1 of the 2 most famous boxing stadiums in the world. Muay Thai is not only for ..

$300 - $400 Book now ! View Detail