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Thailand Beach Tour

11 Days / 10 Nights

Thailand Beach Tour


  • Day 1: Hua Hin
  • Day 2: Hua Hin
  • Day 3: Rayong / Koh Samet
  • Day 4: Koh Samet
  • Day 5: Koh Samet
  • Day 6: Phuket
  • Day 7: Phuket
  • Day 8: Krabi
  • Day 9: Krabi
  • Day 10: Krabi

Destination highlight: Hua Hin - Rayong - Phuket - Krabi

Thailand is the country of beaches and blue sea. It is the land which boasts an array of powdery white beaches fringed by coral reefs and lush vegetation. One can bask in the sun in the open space of the beach and, at the same time, find refuge under the shade of a tree. We offer Thailand beach tour packages of the highest quality with the best local services as well as unlimited support and facilities.

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  • Traveler notes
Day 1 : Hua Hin
Reach Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. Then move on to Hua Hin, known for idyllic beaches. Reaching Hua Hin, have a nice lunch and take rest. Late evening, enjoy Hua Hin nightlife.

Day 2 : Hua Hin
Pass your day on Hua Hin Beach, strolling and resting on beach loungers. Do some sightseeing in Klai Kang Won Palace and Khao Takiab. You can also enjoy various activities and water sports.

Day 3 : Rayong / Koh Samet
After a night's rest, leave for Rayong, another destination famous for beaches. Reach Koh Samet, most famous tourist destination in Rayong. After reaching hotel, take lunch and reach the beach. Pass rest of the day there and in evening, return to the hotel.

Day 4 : Koh Samet
Enjoy to the fullest your day on the beach. Beach picnic, strolling, playing, sun-bathing; there are variety of activities. Various points in Koh Samet are known for diving. One can also take fun in sports like sea canoeing, jet-skiing, snorkelling, water skiing and knee boarding. Return to your hotel late evening.

Day 5 : Koh Samet
Visit destinations like Pala and Payoon beaches as well as Mun Islands. After a lot of merry-making, return to your hotel and leave for Bangkok. Take the flight from Bangkok for Phuket.

Day 6 : Phuket
You are in the most famous beach destinations of Thailand. Visit Patong beach and enjoy to the hilt. The beach has enough ingredients to keep you busy for all day. Return to hotel in evening. Late evening should be given to world-famous Patong nightlife.

Day 7 : Phuket
Invest one more day in Phuket. Enjoy water sports and fabulous food. Evening would be reserved for shopping. Return to your hotel.

Day 8 : Krabi
Take the bus for Krabi next morning. Put your baggage in the hotel. Reach the beaches and enjoy them to the fullest. Return to the hotel in the evening and have a hearty sleep.

Day 9 : Krabi
One day is definitely insufficient to explore Krabi. Give one more day to Krabi beaches. Enjoy the watersports and seafood. Cave exploring in Krabi is definitely an exhilarating experience. Take rejuvenating spa late evening and have a hearty sleep in the night.

Day 10 : Krabi
Leave by bus for Phuket and take flight back to Bangkok. Pass your day in baggage packing or any other activity. Reach airport and take the flight to your next destination.