Phang Nga bay tours, exploring the unique lanscape of the Phang Nga bay, Thailand.


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Phang Nga Kayak Adventure

3 Days / 2 Nights

Phang Nga Kayak Adventure


  • Day 1: Phuket – Phang Nga Bay – Paddling – Yao Noi Island
  • Day 2: Beaches, Paddling & Nature on Phang Nga Bay
  • Day 3: Exploring different Eco-systems – Phuket

Destination highlight: Phuket – Yao Noi Island

Experience the natural wonders of Phang Nga Bay while gently paddling a ‘real’ sit-inside sea-kayak along this spectacular marine eco-system. Enjoy the comforts of classic bungalows and fine Thai sea food, chicken and/or vegetarian dinners while relaxing with a spot of swimming in the clean, fertile water.

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Day 1: Phuket – Phang Nga Bay – Paddling – Yao Noi Island
Meet your guide in Phuket for the trip to Yao Noi Island by vehicle and boat.  Here you will be orientated, and be able to have a leisurely paddle between & around islands, through remarkable karst formations; dramatic 'Hongs' (a ‘room’ made of limestone, formed by the collapse of a huge cave system).  Paddling & Observing the variety of wildlife.  Overnight stay at the Bungalows.

Day 2: Beaches, Paddling & Nature on Phang Nga Bay
Spend the day paddling between islands (within 10 minutes of one another) with beaches where we can relax if we choose.  Your guide will alert you to features of different islands, and unique wildlife (w/ escort boat).  After lunch enjoy more exploring, swimming, beaches and nature by kayak. Return to the bungalows with time to relax, or stroll the beach before dinner.

Day 3: Exploring different Eco-systems – Phuket

Today we will head out to explore an extensive area of mangroves where we will explore different channels through this unique ecosystem. Thailand's remaining mangrove forests are the breeding ground and nursery for much of the marine life in the ocean, and many creatures come to the mangroves to feed on the young fish, shrimp and crabs hiding among the root systems. Usually at lower tide levels, we can see the Mud Skipper, a fish whose lungs can extract oxygen from the air as well as from the water.  They love to crawl around on the mud flats, and even climb the exposed roots of the Mangrove trees.  Your trip leader will give more knowledge of the adaptive mechanisms that allow the mangroves to thrive in low-oxygen mud, flooded daily by saltwater. We paddle slowly through an area where we have seen Buffy fish owls and Dusky langurs, and have heard the unforgettable sound of gibbons making their morning calls.   Then it is time to head back to Ko Yao Noi and then head for Phuket.   You will be back on Phuket by approximately 5:00 p.m. You will then be transferred to your hotel.