Other places to stay in Thailand

Other places to stay in Thailand


Phuket is a palm fringed island with white beaches and uninhabited offshore islands. There are many excellent restaurants with fantastic sea food and an abundance of secluded hotels. It's a place that is perfect for the romantically inclined and also the sunworshippers and divers. The wonderful limestone outcrops of Phang Nga bay were used as the backdrop to "The Man with the Golden Gun", Phuket island, just is an hour's flight from Bangkok, it is a favourite holiday spot for many tourists.

Phuket timeshare resorts are among the most popular accommodations for tourists in Thailand because of their inexpensive prices, highly rated services and spacious suites. Found on some of the most picturesque beaches in the country, timeshares are a great choice for beach enthusiasts and frugal travelers alike.

Phi Phi is Unquestionably the paradise island that has dropped out of a fantasy world. With its dazzling white beaches and coral reefs with its colourful marine life. A divers great escape and a must visit if going to Phuket. It's only 20 miles by boat off Phuket. Ideal tor incurable romantics and escapists.

Rnabi has only been recently discovered by tourists and is new to tourism. It's 30 miles to the west of Phuket. Like Phi Phi it has amazing coastal scenery with mostly deserted stretches of white sandy beaches.
One hours flying south of Bangkok is this beautiful island retreat, coconut palms line the beaches, beautiful clear water and white sandy beaches.

Pattaya is probably Thailand's best known beach resort. Coconut palm fringed beaches, a superb and vibrant nightlife and luxury hotels make Pattaya not a place for the tourists that are in search of a peaceful holiday. Tourists hoard here for the party life and sun. Head 2 hours south of Bangkok by taxi or hire car, or tour bus. Golf courses and every imaginable watersport are to be found around here.

On the gulf of Thailand 2 and a 1/2 hour's drive south of Bangkok is this peaceful resort. It has a beautiful beach and there are other excellent hotels in this area. Tourism has had only a minimal impact in this area. Hua Hin is the oldest resort in Thailand and King Rama VII built his get away palace here 60 years ago. Plenty of great golf courses are within an easy drive of Hua Hin.

The Rose of the North .A must on every tour itinerary. An area rich in history Chiang Mai's celebrated its 700th Anniversary in 1996, Burmese, Laotian and Indian cultures all come together here along with breathtaking scenery, cottage industries, colorful festivals and beautiful women. You can go elephant trekking, river rafting, visit waterfalls, caves, lakes or mountain hiking. Accommodation here is euther budget hotels or upmarket hotels all is easily available. Chang Mai has seen an explosion of interest in it over the past 15 years but has mantained a lot of its earlier styles and customs.

The golden triangle Thailand Burma and Laos all share the hills and the hill tribes. This is where Doi Naang Norn or the Mountain of the Sleeping Lady is, and travelling around this mountain and learning of its legend is something to behold. There are numerous waterfalls and caves. Tuhm Luang which translates as Big Cave is a deep and runs for just over seven km. Stalagmites and stalagtites of fantastic proportions are found here being fed by the cool waters of its stream . Like Changmai, Changrai has a landscape of waterfalls and mountains, the hill tribes people are fascinating and have kept their traditions well alive.

Off the beaten track so far for many tourists. There are picturesque burmese temples and colourful markets. Paduang hill tribe is near Ban Nam Phiang Din, in the Mae Hong Son province of North Thailand, this is where the long necked women are most famous for the wearing of neck rings, they are found in a small secluded valley near to Mae Hong Son.

A trip to Thailand would have to unclude a side trip to view the infamous bridge built by allied prisoners of war. The surrounding jungle still lies as a witness to the cruelty of the japanese soldiers that killed so many in a desperate effort to have this bridge and train line built. Known as the bloodiest bridge in the world.

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