Lonely Beach Restaurants

Lonely Beach Restaurants

Given its unofficial backpacker status, it’s not surprising that Lonely Beach is home to numerous cheap eateries offering a great range of both local and international favourites.
Hotels and resorts usually have restaurants and cafés serving a wide choice of dishes. Street food, which often comes in forms of a roadside restaurant and a mobile stall, is also a great way to dine since it’s cheap and also very tasty. Craving for a dessert? You’ll be spoilt for choice as a decadent selection of Thai-style pancakes (roti), found almost everywhere in this area, can also be delighted in.

Well, what do you feel like eating? Seafood comes highly recommended as it’s caught fresh off from the sea and is usually available on the beachside restaurants with grill station. Many popular Western dishes are also served in most eateries in case you’re missing the food back home.

Going completely local with locals’ favourites like ‘pad krapao gai’ (spicy stir-fried chicken with basil leaves), the world-famous ‘pad thai’ (stir-fried noodle with tofu, dried shrimps and bean sprouts) and a variety of spicy papaya salad. Several stalls offer a variety of ‘roti’, a Thai-style pancake (banana being the most popular recipe) which makes a great and fulfilling snack in case you’re feeling peckish between meals.

Flanking the main road and fringing the beach is a bevy of small and large restaurants with a choice of local and international food. The beach offers a mix of local and resort restaurants as well as banana pancake (roti) and ‘som tam’ (Thai spicy papaya salad) stalls. Most dining places are a combination of bar and restaurant, making it very convenient to have dinner and drinks all in one place.

Joy Cottages
This riverside bar/restaurant specialises in delicious seafood and offers a great selection of Thai and Western cuisine from the famous hot and sour shrimp soup to a variety of pizza and pasta.

BB Divers Pool & Lounge

This dive shop is a combination of bar and restaurant all rolled into one with its own swimming pool. Serving a variety of pizza as well as Thai and a mix of Western food, this place also holds regular pool parties.